July 29, 2008


So there was just a nice little 5.8 tremblor here in the Southland. As I am here on vacation, I thought I would provide Crumbler’s readers with a real-time, live, breaking Internet citizen-journalism account of what happened!

Ok, so there I was, minding my own business, surfing the Interwebs when I should have been surfing the Pacific Ocean, when there was a big crash! And then the whole world started shaking like some kind of carnival ride where the whole floor starts spinning around! And then I ran to stand under the kitchen door frame, because even though I’m a desert rat know I still remember my earthquake-preparedness drills, and my mom joined me in an adjacent door frame.

Then my mom said, “Let’s get out of this house! It’s old!” And I thought to myself, but what if something falls on us? And we got outside and almost immediately, my mom said, “But what if something falls on us?” But by that point the shaking had stopped and all the neighbors were coming out of their cottages asking WTF had just happened.

Then there was an aftershock.

Anyway, what you just read is the future of journalism. This is going up before the LA Times story and ProPublica and the Knight Foundation and probably Jay Rosen are going to pay me like $4 for it and it’s going to run on 60 Minutes. You’re welcome.


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