Doveman’s Footloose

August 5, 2008

Doveman is a band that is somehow associated with The National. They are on Brassland Records, which was The National’s first label (I think), and were somehow involved with The National’s performance last night at Central Park (which was good, more comments on that later maybe).

Doveman has done a little Dirty Projectors jobby and reimagined/recreated Footloose the album. From an indie cred point of view I’m not sure which is more esoteric – Black Flag’s Damaged or the Footloose album – but it really doesn’t matter in this case because the tongue in cheekedness is alleviated by the band’s packaging of the album in an intimate and sad creation story involving one of the band member’s sister’s death as a teenager and a shoebox containing her most prized possessions, including a Footloose tape. Paging Colin Meloy?

The Proprietors of the Footloose Estate have pulled a little Footloose of their own and have told Doveman ‘No dancing!’ – or in this case, ‘Please stop playing our music without our permission.’ My friend Dawson compared the Footloose move to Scrabble killing Scrabulous. As he put it, ‘Since when was their so much energy around Scrabble?’ Or in this case Footloose.

Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say these are particularly energetic Footloose covers. They’re low key, moody, not unlike The National in certain ways. They could also be interpreted as a musical indictment of the New York City cabaret laws, which to some people are tantamount to a dancing ban, because you most certainly are not moved to dance by these songs.  But I like the playfulness of what they’re doing and you can listen to Doveman’s Footloose here.


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