Top 10 New Albums of 2008 + Other Various Nominations

December 23, 2008

top 10


arthur russell – love is overtaking me  

silver jews – lookout mountain lookout sea
radiohead – in rainbows
david byrne and brian eno – everything that happens will happen today
marnie stern – i am….
hot chip – made in the dark
juana molina – una dia
jamie lidell – jim
the jicks – real emotional trash
animal collective – water curses ep
Sorry if this list bores you but I just haven’t been getting the frisson from listening to new music that i get from exploring older stuff. Arthur Russell for #1 is meant to exemplify that. I find that album so satisfying particularly because so much is left to the imagination.
Favorite music blog entry of 2008:
This comprehensive analysis of clarence white’s work in 1969. This type of writing + mp3s deepens my appreciation for the music and will contribute to me purchasing more of it in the future.
Artist of the year:
Fleetwood Mac. Perhaps due to a partial Clinton restoration? Perhaps due to this being a break-up year? Perhaps due to me letting go of certain aural inhibitions/associations so I could finally hear the expansive genius that is/was(/is?) this band. Damn, i went kind of crazy for the Mac in 2008.
Song of the year:
Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up. I complained about the number of times the obama campaign played this song at grant park on election night. But, damn, I hope they play the SHIT out of it at the inauguration. The D.C. lineup is looking pretty M.O.R. right now. They need to funk it up a little bit. The country needs to boogie. 
Stuff I’m looking forward to in 2009:
Everything. Food will taste better, the air will be cleaner, the subways will be less crowded, the bald eagles will return to the lower hudson river valley, gentle dinosaurs will roam the earth, unicorns will do our data entry, and all music will sound like the time your big brother got you drunk with a crate of cheap beer and played the Velvet Underground’s Sister Ray for you the first time ever now that the hideus, dead, and heavy albatross of George W. Bush will be lifted from our necks. Amen.

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