Food-related titles for thrillers, inspired by the news that Julia Child was a World War II era spy

June 3, 2009

From the Chicago Tribune:

Before Julia Child became known to the world as a leading chef,
she admitted at least one failing when applying for a job as a spy:

Details about Child’s background as a government agent come into the
public spotlight Thursday with the National Archives’ release of more
than 35,000 top-secret personnel files of World War II-era spies. The
held this information for decades.

The 750,000 documents identify the vast spy network managed by the Office
of Strategic Services, which later became the CIA. President Franklin
Roosevelt created the OSS, the country’s first centralized intelligence operation.

Child’s file shows that in her OSS application, she included a note expressing
regret she left an earlier department store job hastily because she did not get
along with her boss, said William Cunliffe, an archivist who has worked extensively
with the OSS records at the National Archives.

Cosmodrome brainstormed some possible titles for the inevitable film adaptation.

The Discreet Charm of the Booyahbaisse
The maltese falafel
The Naked Chef
(Make) Baste to Live
A clockwork chicken l’orange
A Time to Grill
Terminator 2: Fudge-mint Day

And many, many more…
Any Given Sundae
Au Bon Pain and Au Mal Pain
Au Jus-sticeBallistic: Chex vs. Jever
Beer Window
Big Truffles in Little China
Bone Appétit!
BouillaBasic Training
Braisers of the Lost Ark
Butch Cassidy & the Sundae Kid
Butter for Qatar: How One Chef Infiltrated the Doha
Roundcake fear
Camembert Games
casino royale (with cheese)
Catch me if you Canteloupe
Charlie’s Angel Food Cake
chitty chitty merengue merengue
Clams Casino Royale
Clear and Present Bouillabaisse
Clear and Present Hanger Steak
clear and present hunger
Cliffhangar Steak
Code Name: Mousse
Cold Dish Revenge
Con Eclaire
Creme Brutal
Crimes and Minced Meats
Curried Alive
Dead by Prawn
Dial M for Mustard
Die à la mode
dine another day
Doomsday Egg Timer
Double Chocolate Indemnity
Dr. No Salt Please
Dr. Nobu
Edamame Dearest
Espagnole, Espionage
eternal sunny side up of the spotless kitchen
For Your Pies Only
For Your Taste Buds Only
Fred and Gingerbread
Fried Octopussy
From Momofuku With Love
From the Frying Pan to the Fire (or How I Learned to Stop Cooking and Fight the Nazis)
Fry vs Spy
Golden Ribeye
Guinea Hen Can’t Jump
Hard Boiled
Harriet the Pie
Hebrew National Treasure
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Ribeye
If Cooks Could Kill
In The Name of the (WHAT RHYMES WITH FATHER???)
In The Name Of The Spatula
Indiana Jones and the Last Crouton
Into-peanuts Day
Jumpin Flapjack Flash
Jupiter’s Chicken Thigh
King and Pie
La Cage Aux Fois Gras
La Creme Nikita
Lawrence of Arugula
License To Cook
license to grill
live and let fry
Logan’s Runner Beans
marmalade runner
maximum bisque
Medium by Medium Rare
Minestrone Report
Mole Sauce
Mulhollandaise Drive
Natural Born Grillers
New Monterey Jack City
nom nom nom de guerre
Odd Mans Gout
Operation: Delicious
Over cook
P for Pancetta
parfait check
Passenger Heinz 57
Patriot Game Hens
Pearl Onion Harbor
Peter Pancetta
Pie Game
Pie Hard
Pie Kids
Pie Spy OR I Pie
Pie, Robot
Pies and Dolls
Pies Like Us
Pineapple Panda Express
Planet of the Grapes
point sauvignon blanc
pomme de guerre
Primary Crullers (i think this was a Dilbert joke)
Prognosis: Delicious
Pulp Chicken
Quiche a Secret
Reservoir Hot Dogs
Ricola for a Dream
Rosemary’s Babyback Ribs
Rosemary’s Flambe-be
Rotini, Rotini
Roux the Day
Sack Lunch
Shawshankbone Reduction
Shortcake Circuit
Snakes on a Plate
some like it baked
Something About Dairy
soufle another day
Strangers on a Champagne
Tac and Cheese
Tarragon Baby Gone
Tarragon but not Forgotten
Tarragon in 60 Seconds
The 39 Place Sets
The Art of Wurst
The Bourne Delicacy
The Bourne Pizza Supreme-acy
The Boursin Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum
The Bread also Rises
The Chef Always Tastes Twice
The Chef Who Loved Me
The Chef who Stewed Too Much
The Chinese Food Syndrome
the dark chocolate knight (black batman)
The Day of the Monterey Jackal
The Deviled Eggs’ Own
The Fifth Ingredient
the french confection
The Frying Game
The General Tsao’s Daughter
The Good Shepherd’s Pie
The Gourmet Conspiracy
The Hunt for Red Lobster
The Hunt for Red Onion
the last sommelier
The Long Good Pie
the manchurian appetizer
The Manchurian Beef Candidate
The Money Chow Mein
The Puppet Castersugar
The Road to Fajita
The Serving Is Not Enough
The Seventh Veal
The Shawshankbone Rebellion
The Silence of the Spam
The Snackal
The Sous Handler
The Sum of all Beers (or Schmears)
The Tenth Chicken
The Transporterhouse Steak
The Usual Sous-Vide
The World on Simmer
There Will Be Blood 2: Return of the Milkshake
Three Day of the Coriander
Three Days of the Condor Soup
Three Days of the Pot Roast
Thunder Meatball
To Catch a Corned Beef
To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julia Childs
Tomorrow Never Pies
Top Secret Recipe
Top Spy Chef
True Lies 2: Braised Thighs
True Pies
Turmeric Never Dies
veal chicken brasserie
War D’oeuvres
xXx: Steak of the Union
You only eat twice
Donnie Bosco
Invasion of the Saucier
The Yummy
Creature From the Black Rangoon
The Feastmaster
Broken Marrow
Patriot Hams
Samson and Delia
Haunch’n’back of Noted Game
Mutiny on the Bountybar
Invaders from Marsbars
Gristle-y Man
Old Poi
Better Off Bread
Five Cheesy Pieces
Less Than Coke Zero
Sex Lies and Bubble Tape
Point Pheasant
Crepe Fear
Hard Boiled
Hard Boiled Eight
Brisket Nights
Magnolia Bakery
Hawaiian Punch Drunk Love
There Will Be Blood If You Order Your Steak Rare
Good Night and Good Chuck
Mutton But Trouble
Mango and Mash
Ben-HerbThe Old Man and the Brie
Crimes and Minced meats
The chai that came in from the cold
La Cage Aux Fois Gras
Pies and Dolls
Peter Pancetta
The King and Pie
The Puppet Castersugar
Planet of the Grapes
The Crock (Losers always dine with the rest)
Rosemary’s Flambe-by
Lawrence of Argula
In The Name of the Challah
Tales from the Crepe
The Good, The Bad, and the Bhaji


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  1. Kit said

    You forgot the excellent quesablanca

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