Thoughts On The Public Option

August 17, 2009

Who cares which political party wins or loses in 2010 or 2012? It’s imperative that the health care policy debate is not reduced to an object of politics. And yet that’s what seems to be happening.

The Democratic majority should not to allow a small minority of fear mongering reactionaries to define policy by amputating the public option from the bill. Where a small minority (one-quarter of the GOP) has the power to effectively manufacture legislation… Does this not constitute the definition of tyranny?

The deletion of the public option is only possible in a system where legislators act out of fear of losing their jobs and transfer that fear onto voters by fomenting a terror of a Palinized (irrational, fundamentalist, reactionary) White House. A wingnut future.

In a society where far more than half the population lives in fear of losing their jobs and, with it, their health care… where jobs are continually externalized to other countries with lower costs of living… where the number of people working freelance or other precarious labor positions where health care benefits are not provided is on the rise… the number of people who live without health care coverage is not a historical anomaly or the consequence of individual moral failings. It is the result of public policies — which you are free to disagree with — but then you should also acknowledge that the consequences of those flawed policies deserve a public remedy. The Public Option.


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