BMW Mystery Car

April 15, 2010

I snapped these photos today of a caravan of four disguised black BMW’s with “DST” plates (distributor?) driving through Los Angeles.  They were clearly BMW’s, even though all logos were removed from the wheels, hood, and trunk. The Z class was covered entirely in a black plastic casing, which was strange. I’m not a BMW aficionado, so I couldn’t tell if the body shape was significantly larger than a Z4, but my hunch is yes.

Does anyone out there know what this was about? Was BMW doing some kind of an urban road test? Perhaps this was a PR stunt, and I’m just a gullible participant? Maybe they’re in an upcoming Batman movie (if that’s even happening?)?  I asked the driver in the Z what they were about. He said he couldn’t tell me, with a suspicious grin.

Apologies in advance for the very bad quality of these photos. But that’s what spy shots are about, right?!
Z-class side panel

Z class back


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