The Yeats of Yelp

April 21, 2010

Ever curious about what other people think about stuff? Yeah?! Me too! That’s why I deeply appreciate this user’s review of the amusement park Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, where I’m considering celebrating my first birthday in Los Angeles. Thank you “Anthony N.” of Playa Del Ray, the Yeats of Yelp, for your thorough review. It sounds like you had quite a day!

had free passes for Knott’s that were expiring so we decided to give it a try.  My first time.  I was surprised by the small crowd.  The small crowd resulted in short waits (one of the best things about the park).

Knott’s has bigger thrill rides than Disney California Adventure, but they are not as big as Six Flags Magic Mountain (though I found my last experience at Magic Mountain very disappointing).  The rides are also quite short, which probably has a lot to do with how small the park is.

The best ride (we rode) was Supreme Scream.  It is an up-and-down tower that takes you up 250 feet.  It gives you quite a view.  The ascent is a steady climb (and not a quick burst like some other towers).  The drop is very good.  You lose your stomach when you go straight down at a fast speed.

I really wanted to ride the XCELERATOR, but it was not operational the whole day.

The other roller coasters were decent but not great.  The Boomerang and Montezomma’s Revenge go both forwards and backwards (including forwards and backwards loops).  The rides do not have big drops, but they are fast.  While they are incredibly short (in time), experiencing a backwards loop is kind of an interesting and different experience.

The Silver Bullet is a suspended roller coaster where your feet dangle (kind of like The Raptor at Cedar Point).  There is not much of a drop.  The ride has a lot of loops and corkscrews (you are constantly upside down).  It will kind of leave you a little disoriented (and may make your stomach churn).

I guess the Pony Express must be a kid’s roller coaster.  It has decent speed, but it is not really fast for a roller coaster (there are no loops or drops).  Its uniqueness comes from the horseback-like roller coaster car.  It is a weird (and uncomfortable) car that (for some reason) reminds me of the apparatus that George Clooney builds in “Burn After Reading.”

We also stopped by the Bumper Cars.  Horrible.  The cars move very slowly and they pretty much put the kibosh on head-to-head collisions.  Worst, they instruct you to follow arrows along the walls so that you basically drive around in a circle for a minute or so (the slowest NASCAR race ever).  It is not really Bumper Cars because of the way it is designed.  It may be the worst ride I’ve ever had at an amusement park.


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