das münch

October 9, 2010

a pack of german motorcyclists roared up to the griffith park observatory on thursday evening on these very special german motorcycles called münch. i am not a bike aficianado, but one need not be an expert to see something amazing in that zeppelin-style sidecar. i walked over to them and tried to start a conversation. they were all dressed in black leather jump suits and were not very friendly and i could not help but think they might be nihilists hunting for mistah lebowski. but i did get a bit of info on the bikes. the one with the sidecar, by far the most beautiful of them, was built in 1965-66, and was one of just 400 ever made. the company was founded by a partnership between a german engineer and an american investor who wanted to put an indian engine into a finely crafted european bike. the result was the murch behemoth, a bike with 88 horsepower, more than a small european sportscar of that era. the sidecar is the only one of its kind ever made, according to the gentleman. these german road warriors were just finishing the american transcontinental journey, which has got to be one of the great dreams of many u.s.-loving germans of a certain era. it was sort of an honor to greet them and point them towards the bust of james dean at the observatory overlooking los feliz. although i’ve never been more tempted to clobber someone with a lead pipe and jack their ride.

here’s a photo of another murch i pilfered from another website. a work of art.


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