From The Past

December 1, 2010

via Ben and Jerry’s:

Spike Lee Directing
Unprecedented Ben & Jerry’s Commercial

New Smooth Line Comes In Social Activist Flavors

Released: 3/10/94
Retired: 7/10/94Waterbury, VT: Spike Lee is directing an unprecedented Ben & Jerry’s commercial for its new line-up of eight diverse flavors – Smooth, No Chunks. The progressive actor/ director/ producer/ writer was the only choice when it came to communicating a fun diversity of flavors and social activism all in one spot.

“We were looking for the right match in terms of someone who was multitalented and visionary. Someone who understood that you can make a great product, create progressive social momentum and have fun doing it. That’s not easy, but we have the man to do it,” said Ben Cohen, company chairman and co-founder.

“After looking at dozens of tapes, we got to Spike’s and there was no contest,” said Holly Alves, Ben & Jerry’s marketing director. “Except, there was that one tape from Holstein, Hereford, Guernsey & Shapiro that we had to take a second look at.”

The commercials get across the Vermont-based company’s new line-up of Smooth flavors and its progressive social values that have roots in the sixties. Ben & Jerry’s and Spike Lee are working with eight multi-talented artist-activists who represent positive role models for social change.

The entire complement of vanilla, chocolate and coffee improvisations are portrayed by Carlos Santana, Buffy Sainte Marie, Bobby Seale, Daniel Berrigan, Dolores Huerta, Pete Seeger, Michelle Shocked and Spike Lee. The flavors are Aztec Harvests® Coffee, Double Chocolate Fudge Swirl, Vanilla Bean, Mocha Fudge, Deep Dark Chocolate, White Russian TM, Vanilla, Vanilla Caramel Fudge.

“It’s not just a black and white world,” said Jerry Greenfield, company vice-chairman and co-founder, “it’s shades of chocolate, coffee and vanilla.”




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